9 Huge Signs That a Man Is in Love

Admit it, you came to read this article with a specific man in mind. Have you ever found yourself wondering if he just sees you as a good friend or if he's truly in love with you? Since men tend to be more reserved when it comes to expressing their feelings, it can be a bit hard to find out his true feelings.

You're not alone. A lot of women struggle to understand the man they're into. However, if you pay close attention to the way he acts around you, you might be able to finally understand his feelings for you. Read on to understand how a man knows he's in love and how you can spot the signs of a budding romance.

1. He looks at you with fondness

Eyes are the windows to a person's heart and soul. Even when words fail to communicate his feelings towards you, his eyes will never lie. If he often stares at you with a loving and warm gaze, chances are he has fallen for you. Sure, being in love is more than just a star-struck stare, but a loving gaze sure is a really huge sign he's into you.

2. He listens to you

You'll know a man is truly in love with you when he makes the effort to listen to you each time you strike a conversation with him. Whether it's a story about your day to your fears and concerns about life, he listens to everything and gives you feedback regularly. This person might even remember details about various stories and conversations months after it first happened. That's when you know he wants to understand you better so he can be closer to you.

3. He misses you a lot

Guys fall in love when they miss you. Love makes you yearn to spend more time with the person you're into. After all, absence only makes the heart grow fonder. So, to see if he's truly into you, pay attention to how he acts when you're apart. Does he disappear for days on end without trying to contact you? Or does he make time to keep in touch with you even when you're apart? If he's truly in love with you, he'll be in touch with you. He might even try to set up dates just so he can meet you again.

4. He wants more physical contact

Intimacy and physical contact are a big part of a relationship. That said, it can often be mistaken with lust. So, how can you differentiate if he truly loves you or just desires your body? Pay attention to the different types of physical touch he initiates. Are they all sexual? Or are some more innocent? If he wants physical contact so he can be closer to you, that means he's truly in love.

5. He opens up to you

As mentioned earlier, men are more reserved when it comes to their feelings. Most simply won't reveal any details about his life and feelings to just some random acquaintance. But he will open up to the person he trusts and cares about. If he's unashamed to share his emotions, fears, hopes, dreams, and past with you, that means he deeply loves you.

6. He makes you a priority

Everyone has their own responsibilities and commitments. One way to know his true feelings for you is how he treats you not just when he has leisure time, but also when he's busy. When a man knows he is in love, he'll want to make you a part of his life. For that reason, he'll make you a priority. No matter how busy he is, he'll still make time to contact you and even spend time with you. For him, you're not an afterthought; you're a major part of his life, and he shows it.

7. He wants to be a part of your life

Has he mentioned that he wants to meet your friend and family? You might have even introduced him to your other loved ones and seen how he tries really hard to make a good impression. He might even start talking about his future plans with you in it. This means he wants to connect his life with yours. If he shows signs of wanting to be a big part of your life, that means he sees a warm and sweet future with you.

8. He makes an effort to keep you happy

When a man knows he's in love, he'll want to make sure his beloved stays happy. For him, your happiness is just as important or even more important as his own. You might notice he wants to keep you happy when he pays attention to your preferences. For example, he might buy you some of your favorite snacks and play your favorite songs in the car. You'll also notice how he will avoid doing something if you have mentioned your dislike for it in the past.

9. He's always there when you need him

Whenever you're in a pinch, does he disappear, or does he come around to save the day? A man in love will always make sure their lady is doing well. For most men, love is not about their own needs and desires, but also about their woman's needs. If he's always there to support you and get you through a rough patch, then he's most definitely in love with you.

Takeaway Message

We hope this article has helped you understand how a man knows he's in love and the signs of love in your relationship. Remember, every man is different. Some may be more outspoken in the way they show their affection, while some prefer to show their love through actions, not words. The best thing you can do right now is to be more observant and be patient. Soon, you'll figure out if he's truly into you as more than just a friend. Good luck!

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